How to heal your life with some money honey romance

What if you have superhuman powers to repel money? What’s the connection between your money and your love life? How do you find gifts in tragedies? Tune in to learn from bestselling author and money Goddess Morgana Rae. Heartbreak, enlightenment, and transformation await!

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The despair or repelling money

What was your call to adventure?
The thing that I really sucked at was about money and getting paid.
With a half dozen certifications, celebrity clients, mountains of testimonials, working with coaches, flying out of town every month to take new trainings.
Big deal.
I was still struggling to make $100 a month.
It was really painful and hopeless and devastating and puzzling and frightening.
My coaches couldn’t figure out what was going on.
Something was going on in the inside.
I had superhuman powers to repel money.
Nothing I did consciously or did well could come close to my powers to push money away.
I remember specifically I had just taken another class on sales.
I mastered it.
Seven people in a row said they would hire me.
None of them showed up and none of them paid.
I was so distraught. Disappointed. Enraged. Heartbroken. Angry.
Angry at myself, angry at the world, and the universe.
Angry that so many people had promised, “If you do this, you will get these results.”
I ran out of hope.
I remember being in my little one bedroom apartment and dragging closed the drapes, getting on my bed, and screaming in despair.
Really just wanting to die.


Protecting yourself from being initiated into your next level

If you are doing everything you can do in pursuit of your goal with everything you have and you are not getting the results that you desire, I deeply believe you are protecting yourself from what you want.




It is unconscious.
You are successful at protecting yourself from a perceived threat.
The first step is to find out what exactly you are protecting yourself from.
It is never what you think it is.
Some of the best things in my life happened during the darkest moments.
Some of the worst things happened during light moments.
It’s not that your are being punished, it is that you are being initiated into your next level.





A glimpse into the truth of your experience on earth

Initiated into your next level, can you explain a little bit what you mean?
I took Your Selfie Quiz
I got the answer “Love”, which did not surprise me.
I had just had my heart broken back in 2003.
I was really obsessed with this person and brokenhearted and despaired.
I went to an event.
I had an out-of-body experience on stage in front of 300 strangers.
The message I got was that I was breaking my heart through all of these wildly inappropriate romantic choices because I came to earth to find out what humans experience so I can teach.
The biggest message I got, the biggest shock where it felt like crossing a veil into a hyper-reality beyond the illusion of our lives, I am love.
That is all I am.
That is the nature of existence.
The fabric of reality is love.

It has guided me in my life.


The gift of tragedies

When I was 17 after a catastrophic car accident that left me in a coma and I almost died.
I think the gift of the head injury was it opened up my intuition.
I remember things before they happen.
I think we have experiences because that’s what we are here for.

There is a gift and a learning and a wisdom from it.
I call our failures and our tragedies research and development.

So that I can have the humility and empathy to respect the experience of other people.
The pain that I went through gave me the gifts that made my life far beyond anything that I ever imagined possible for myself.


If your money were a person, who would your money be?

What was not working for in your relationship with money? What were you protecting yourself from?
I made a decision that money needed to be my next area of spiritual growth.
I got really curious about what was inside of me that couldn’t be with money.
On paper it didn’t make sense.
I had the Ivy League education, the success stories, the branding and marketing.
I had another session with my coach, who had a weird moment of inspiration that changed my life.
He asked me, “If your money was a person, who would your money be?” 

As soon as I imagined money as a person, I saw who my money in that moment was.
He was a big, dirty, violent biker.
He terrified me.
I could feel it in my body.
It’s like a full body experience.
I finally found out what my relationship with money was when I made it a person.
I don’t know how to have a relationship with a measure of value, but I know how to have a relationship with a person.
It was like a light bulb went on.
I knew there is no way I could have money in my life if that was my money because he was bad, and he was dirty, and he was dangerous.


Stripping away the numbers and connecting money with love

Looking at my history, money got in the way of love.
An inheritance was stolen from me when I was a child by the family member I still love most to this day.
My college trust fund was stolen by the person I took my first steps to.
20 years later, it was showing up in my relationship with money.
The root cause of your money issues are not really about money.
You will find it deeper.
Money is the symptom, not the cause




You will find the cause in what money represents.
Money represents our worth, power, love, safety.
It is when you can have a really great wonderful relationship with money that is not based on the numbers in your bank account, that’s when you are really powerful.




After I changed my money monster to my money honey, the next day four people hired me at double what I ever charged.
Then started group coaching and I had waiting lists.
In 2007, I had over 300 clients.
The love must come first.
You cannot treat money like an object because then you are back in money monster territory.
You want it to be real to you.
The more intimate the better.
A lover archetype works best.
Lovers are equal.
Money without love is not a worthwhile proposition .

You have to have them both.


Listening for the message in our lived eexperiences

I have a mother who is a drug addict and a borderline personality.
She was violent.
She would vacillate from being the best mother who ever existed.
Then turning upside down and becoming very dangerous.
For those of us who were gifted with dangerous parents, wow is that the best training in the world for intuition and empathy for survival.



People look at my life now and most don’t know what came before.
All of that hard stuff gave me a piece of the puzzle, a piece of wisdom, something I needed to bring me here.




Whatever it is, whether it is a money problem or a health problem, it has a message for you.
The longer you don’t get the message, the louder it gets.
It is not your enemy, it is your message.




When you receive the message the problem goes away.


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