I just finished interviewing Sarah Drew, the author of Gaia Codex, a fascinating, enchanting book that speaks directly to the soul. Somehow the message of the book completely bypasses the rational and speaks directly to your subconscious, your body.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out. Below you’ll find a link to a free gift from Sarah. And also a link to her site where you can find out more about her book and the message.

And of course I hope that you will listen to the interview. It really blew me away. And those of us who are more into the woo, will appreciate that at some point during the interview when Sarah was talking about something really important, this gorgeous blue light shot across the screen and stayed there. I didn’t comment on it during the interview. I thought “Well for the off chance there’s something wrong with my screen.”

After the interview Sarah and I chatted about that. She certainly saw it too, and you can see it on video. And you can find out what we were talking about when the presence of this light made itself visible. And interestingly enough, the light is the color of the butterfly that stands for metamorphosis. That’s the central theme of the book.

I can’t resist, I wanna give you a taste of this wonderful read.

“When a priestess is truly seated on her throne, she realizes that she carries the throne within her. Our bodies are the temple of our souls. To be seated on the throne is to be well placed inside our own sacred chambers deeply grounded into the root of mother earth, well seated in the center of our belly as we connect to the stars and the sky and let the goddesses’ inspiration, her words and actions flow through us.”

The book just holds you in this state of fascination and the remembrance of who you truly are. And it unfolds page after page.

In our interview we talked about how a woman remembers who she truly is. How she taps into that unique wisdom that has been entrusted to her and her alone and how she learns to courageously live from that place and bring that unique wisdom to the table. Bring her unique piece of the puzzle and place it where it belongs in the fabric of life.

We had such a delicious conversation and I hope you join us. Please share your biggest take away or questions for me or Sarah in the comments below. And of course if you enjoy this episode, make sure to

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I look forward to connecting with you in our next episode of Her Success Radio. Thank you so much for being here.


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Sarah Drew, the visionary author of the eco-feminist fantasy GAIA CODEX, is a compassionate catalyst for creating powerful blueprints for the future deeply rooted in the gnosis of our past.

A featured speaker at venues such as Google Talks and ABC Deepak Homebase, Sarah is also a popular guest teacher and mentor for women worldwide on topics such as Feminine Wisdom and Evolutionary Culture. Sarah has cultivated a passionate and exponentially growing social media community of 130,000 plus members.

Sarah’s work expresses a deep curiosity and a polymathic approach to exploring multiple disciplines with a focus on humanity’s evolution, the cultivation of compassion and our multi-generational nurturance of Mother Earth. Sarah studied Religious Studies at UC Berkeley and has traveled extensively around the world from high plateaus of Tibet to the Amazon jungle, to live and study with key lineage teachers.

Sarah’s professional experience includes creating content for virtual reality platforms and subsequently working as a start-up CEO, producer and content creator on media projects that have explored the edges of digital technology, consciousness and visionary narrative. She has currently teamed with visionary film producer and social activist, Jane Charles producer of SOLD (The Movie) to bring GAIA CODEX to the screen through their production company Vessel Creative Media.

Sarah lives with her husband in Manhattan and on a lush forested farm in the Hudson Valley where she enjoys long walks in the woods and enjoying precious time with friends and family.

Explore more about Sarah Drew and the GAIA CODEX and receive your FREE excerpt from the book at www.GaiaCodex.com.

Purchase the Gaia Codex: http://tinyurl.com/jtdlcuf


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Avatamsaka Sutra


At 22, Dr. Valerie took a solo leap from Russia to New York City. She earned 4 degrees — a Bachelor’s, 2 Master’s, and a PhD, and built a successful career and 3 businesses. She married a great guy and had a wonderful daughter.

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