What is blocking your success?

I’ve had the opportunity to discuss this with some of my subscribers. They’ve shared their goals with me and we’ve discussed what has been getting in the way of them meeting those goals.

Many of you say that money stands in your way. Maybe you know exactly what you want out of life, but you feel that it is unobtainable because of the financial commitment involved. Some of you have named time as one of the issues. You don’t feel like you have to time to pursue your dream. A few of you have been brave enough to identify yourselves as something that is stopping you from reaching your goals. You are aware that your procrastination and self-sabotage is getting in your own way.

I’m here to tell you that even these things that seem like very real challenges represent success blocks that you have the capability of overcoming.

What is realistic thinking? I propose that it is based on the past; it’s based on our experiences. It doesn’t come from an imaginal space or involve your heart in any way.

What better way to talk about this issue than to share with you how it has affected my life and pursuit of my goals?

Heart Talk Yoga

Realistic thinking got in my way too.

Some time ago, I was at a place in my life where I was balancing three jobs and motherhood all at the same time. I was working as a Professor, working with patients in my own practice, and working full time for Psychological Services. I loved the work that I was doing. At one point in my life, I would have even considered my career with Psychological Services my dream job.  I began feeling that it wasn’t the right place for me anymore though. A vision board truly opened up my eyes to what I was missing in my life. I was in desperate need of more time, more money, and more freedom.

I needed more time in my life so that I could enjoy my family. Also, my busy schedule was getting in the way of me incorporating yoga into my routine. The life that I craved dedicated time to each of these integral parts of my world.

The vision board also drew my attention to the fact that I needed more money. This money would bring financial freedom. My life at this time was dictated by the circumstances. I needed a life that was more self-directed and self-created.

Realistically, how would that happen?

My past experiences had taught me that in order to make more money to gain the freedom that I was after, I would have to work more. Working more, however, would push me further away from my goal of dedicating more time to family and yoga. Not to mention, there would be little room in my life for sanity if I worked more hours.

I decided that my vision board was unrealistic. It hung on my fridge for some time and then got swept under the rug.

The Turning Point

Several years later, I went on a yoga retreat where we focused on the heart’s desire. We got very deep into the space beyond the realistic; the space of vision and imagination. I really connected with this.

When I returned from the retreat, I did the most unrealistic and foolish thing that I could have. I decided that I was done. Without any plans, I walked out of work and resigned.

My heart’s desire became stronger than the realistic voice in the mind, and it demanded that I be done with the life I was living.

Time went on. I continued seeing patients in my own practice. Several months later, I realized that I had created the life that I had labeled as “unrealistic” years ago. Working for myself gave me more time and more financial freedom! My vision board wasn’t unrealistic after all.

Looking back, I recognize that realistic thinking was one of my success blocks.

Heart Talk Yoga

I believe that this is a common success block for all of us. It conveniently keeps us stuck in the status quo. It stops us from taking a risk and breaking onto a new level. I had to free myself of this success block in order to reach my goals.

I hope that hearing my story will help some of you identify some of the success blocks in your life.

What have you learned in the lab of your own mind about your success blocks? What are the stories that your mind is generating? They may be about not being good enough. Maybe they’re about not having the time or money to reach your goals. How much do you believe these stories and how much do you think you are letting them limit you? Share with me!
If you aren’t sure where your success blocks are hiding, my True Selfie quiz might help you find them! What’s cool is that your success blocks turn into your success gateways when you tackle them. Your quiz results will show you how!

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