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Heart Talk Yoga

Here are some nice things people have said about my newsletter:

“I really like this Valerie! Thank you. My boss pushed my button recently but I remained composed. Two days later I applied for another job. Three days later I heard back from the recruiter asking for interview times. Six days later I was thanking God for the adversity. I really like your advice on how to get through that uncomfortable experience… treating ourselves kindly like children. Compassion for oneself is the beginning of healing.” — Missy
“This helped me sit down and complete some important things hanging over my head and making me worry! I finished them all in less than 30 min!!!!! Weeks of procrastination, and it took listening to your explanation and how to over come the habit, to finally do the pressing things. Thank you. I feel so much lighter.” — Alli
“I just wanted to say Thank You for the time you have taken to share your emails, videos and for Your Wisdom. I am Very Grateful for You!! Love, Light and Gratitude… Namaste.” — Betty

Joyful journeys,

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