Empowering children to have a life of adventure by teaching them entrepreneurship skills

Marina takes us through her journey that all begins with a need for travel and adventure. She began her entrepreneurial quest as a blogger. She blogged about what came naturally to her; traveling with a family. Her blog grew organically, and Marina got her first taste of letting her passion guide her to a career.

Years later, Marina ventured into day-trading and found that she had a talent for it! Even with surmountable success, she was occasionally faced with dark times. Can you imagine what it would feel like to lose $4,000 in one minute? Marina Villatoro, The Trader Chick can! She refers to what happened in one of her darkest times as “self-sabotage.” Marina made one wrong decision in day trading and lost the sum of what most people consider a whole month’s salary in an instant.

According to Marina, “with a breakdown, there’s usually a breakthrough.” Marina took a spiritual approach to rising from the ashes of her failure. She became more self-aware than she had ever been, and she felt a need to share her secrets and processes with others to help them become profitable in day-trading as well. From this need, her Trader Chick courses were born.

Today, Marina is still active as The Trader Chick. She has also focused her attention on making sure children have the resources that they need to explore the possibilities of positioning themselves as an entrepreneur. She was discontent that this was an area that education systems overlook, so she took matters into her own hands. Marina developed programs for school-aged children to learn about entrepreneurship and prepare them for the career path should they choose it.

Listen to my interview with the amazing Marina to hear more about her journey and how she uses her experiences to help others. 

Links and Resources:

Visit her website www.thetraderchick.com

Simplifying Day Trading Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/daytradingforbeginners/ 

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Marina’s True Selfie result is “accomplishment.” She resonates with the meaning of this result so much so that talking about the meaning behind the result inspires Marina to tell a story of a time she pushed through and made things happen.

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