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Periodically, difficulties arise in the areas of your relationships, finances, fitness, health, and how you feel about yourself and your life. These problems stand in your way of experiencing unbounded happiness and fulfillment. As a result, you find yourself suffering from common unhappinessSigmund Freud formulated the goal of psychotherapy as follows, 'to transform neurotic misery into common unhappiness.'.

You try different solutions, which are either not effective, or their effects do not last, or they lead to more problems. You feel stuck, spinning your wheels but going nowhere.

Albert Einstein explained the nature of this predicament when he said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

You might ask (as I once did): “What the heck is a new level of consciousness, and how on earth can someone like me get there?”

Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® answers this question.

Heart Talk Yoga

My method provides a blueprint for the traps of the current level of consciousness, with gateways into a new level clearly marked, and complete with the tools to enable your big leap.

Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® is a holistic, continuously expanding compilation of technologies for consciousness transformation sourced from yoga, psychology, and spirituality, and organized into a comprehensive system.

This system is based on my research on transformation, my personal experience, and my privilege of helping thousands of people transform common unhappiness into uncommon happiness by breaking through the old level of consciousness that created their problems.

Heart Talk Yoga

In a nutshell, this is the view of ALL your problems from the HTY® perspective:

– Your problems are invitations to evolve to a new level of consciousness, where you can experience greater happiness, fulfillment, and connection with yourself, others, and the world than you’ve ever known before.

– Every difficulty you encounter presents an opportunity—a potent portal of transformation, a gateway into a new level of consciousness.

– From a new level of consciousness, the problems that the old level created resolve or become irrelevant.

You miss these opportunities, because:

  • you’re not taught to recognize them as potential gateways into a new level of consciousness
  • you’re not given the technology or tools to utilize them for transformation
  • as a result, you keep responding from the same level of consciousness that created the problem, you get further entrenched in it, and the problem and your suffering persist and become more severe.
Heart Talk Yoga
Psychology, yoga, and spirituality provide unique and complementary pieces of transformation technology that click together to power your evolution, your journey from common unhappiness into uncommon happiness.
Heart Talk Yoga

Psychology gives you insight into the underpinnings of what’s holding you back, why you feel stuck. It helps you identify the past wounds that get triggered by your present experiences, and gives you tools to heal them. As a result, these hot buttons get de-powered and no longer keep you stuck at the same old level of consciousness that keeps creating same old problems.

Spirituality helps you develop awareness of the traps of of the current level of consciousness, and learn to not identify with them. It helps you cultivate the ability to notice these traps and learn not to get caught in them. It teaches you that you’re not your thoughts, not your behaviors, and not your feelings. It gives you ways to experience expanded consciousness and connection with something greater than a limited and limiting sense of who you are.

Yoga connects you with your body and helps you tap into its wisdom. A core axiom in the holistic healing community is, your body is your subconscious mind. Your subconscious beliefs manifest through sensations and ailments in the body, your breathing patterns, in the way you hold yourself, your posture, the way you walk, even your pulse and body temperature. That’s why your insights on a yoga mat complement and deepen those made through psychological inquiry.

Additionally, yoga gives you tools to work with nervous system directly, to train your resilience and ability to tolerate the discomfort of change (read more on what makes making changes so hard and how HTY® can make it easier here).

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