An inspiring tale of success, mission, and trust. Emphasizing the importance of curiosity and vulnerability. Stepping into our own greatness and fulfilling one’s life purpose.


Melinda beautifully describes a process of freeing oneself from employ mentality and embracing leadership. She shares with us step by step system for following our passion, tuning into our mission and creating a successful business. I was stunned by her evolved spiritual outlook on an entrepreneurial journey, embracing it all as research and guidance, as she said: “It is all research moving us toward a greater version of ourselves and our dreams.”

We share a wonderful moment in which she recalls the event when she was guided to take her entrepreneurial path.

“I could feel with all my body that this was a calling that was emerging and I better pay attention. I heard in that moment – Now you will do the same for others. You will help them eliminate burdens and distractions so they can live their God given potential. -”

In 2004 she created thriving profitable coaching business, but she saw most start up coaches struggling to enjoy their passion for coaching and not making money at it, because they were distracted and overwhelmed by the behind the scenes burdens of their business. That was when she created The Coaches Console, the all in one business management technology for coaches. She makes opportunity for them to do the work they love and help them with all the business stuff that they do not like as much and she just happened to love it. Melinda has worked with thousands of coaches around the world and is here to share her wisdom with us.

She shares with us her story of how she created thriving profitable coaching business with zero experience. We cover everything, from villains of vulnerability, hectic states of mess and, fears and anxieties that appear with rising success.

I am so grateful that Melinda openly shared the truth that lies behind the scenes of the successful business. We also talk about the importance of community and connection, as entrepreneurial path often can be lonely and isolated. She encourages us to build our network, so we have someone to remind us of our truth in challenging moments.

“Stay connected! Be connected with mentors, be connected with like-minded communities, we cannot do this on our own. It is way bigger than us and we can lean into our sisters, we can lean into our community, we can lean into our mentors and borrow their courage when we cannot locate ours on a one day. They will help us and remind us of what we know, or tools that we have at our fingertips to navigate through those doubts and fears.”

I was so happy to hear that Melinda enjoyed the Your True Selfie quiz. The quiz shows you your super powers and areas where you are reclaiming your true gifts. It shows you your success blocks and also your success gateway. For Melinda, as you will hear in this episode, it is an inspiration, that is where she dances, that is where she dwells, this is hers super power and the challenges come up in that same territory. You will find some tools, right there in your quiz results on how to navigate through strengths and challenges of your super power. So I hope Your truth selfie will serve you too. Feel free to check it out and share your results with me!

Melinda was so generous and shared with us Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint. It is a free resource for getting organized behind the scenes and it is made to equip you so that you are an amazing business owner and you can do more of what you love! In it you have everything you need to have behind the scenes of your business organized, it contains all the parts and pieces grouped into seven best practices for what it takes to run your business. It is like well-oiled machine that will position you to really get consistent, grow your list, get clients, and generate the revenue that you want to generate on regular basis!

Thank you so much, Melinda!

What a deep conversation, I am sure I will be listening to it again and processing it. If you liked this episode as much as I do, please share it with another woman entrepreneur or somebody who is stuck in her job and you know that she is bigger than that and you want to share it with her to give her curate to take the entrepreneurial leap.

Lessons from this episode:

· There is that moment when trust is all we have. (06:47)
· When everything is uncertain, anything is possible! (10:20)
· Stay curious and do not be afraid to be vulnerable. (17:07)
· Do not build it first, talk to people and embrace leader mentality. (21:21)
· Give yourself permission to be in your creative mess and to share your experiences. (29:00)
· Stay connected to your “Why”! (38:28)

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