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How did you begin to discover your special gifts, your superpowers that ultimately fed into the business you created?

I think it was more that they were revealed. I really struggled with believing the lies that I’m not capable.

That was a big one for me. Feeling like I didn’t have a lot to offer. It’s been such a gift to be able to land in a place where I can see that I am capable, I have much to offer, I’m highly sought after. It’s really been such a gift, but it is through that asking. I would go on those walks and be able to say, “I don’t even know what I’d be good at. Show me what skills I have, show me how I was made, show me … ” Yeah, “Just show me what skills I have, show me what I’d be good at.” I just didn’t even really know.
I knew certain things, like I’ve always been really tenacious, I’ve always been a good researcher. I’ve always showed great initiative. I’ve always been really good at follow-through. There’s certain things that I knew that I had, but in the bigger picture… to run a business… I wouldn’t even had known where to start in the business. It was really through the process of asking, layer upon layer, that I was able to start seeing that what a gift being able to land in advertising field was and that I’m able to see things maybe that other people or … that people appreciate is probably a good way to say it about what will work in advertising. What won’t work. What to try. What not to try. And cut through the clutter of that. Does that answer your question?
Yes. Thank you. Again, asking, right? Asking and trusting what you’re receiving. I know there are so many tools people use to find out about this strengths. There is the Strength Finder test, there are a lot of psychological assessments. Some people recommend asking people who know you very well to tell you what you’re good at. These are all valid data collection tools, but I feel that the spiritual vehicle that you are describing, it just goes further. Even people who know you, and certainly the tests, they may be missing something, because they’ve known you up to now, but there is a bigger vision for you. Your life has a bigger vision for you, or God, in whatever way you conceive of that, and to tap into that bigger vision, we need a spiritual vehicle. Other people don’t know that and certainly psychological or aptitude tests don’t know anything about our bigger vision. All they measure is how to date we have been showing up in the world. There are so many ways in which we have not revealed our capacities and our greatness in particular areas. They’re just waiting.
They’re waiting, they’re like little buds on trees waiting to blossom and sometimes invisible when you’re asking for them to be revealed to you. This is so powerful. You’re trusting it and then that self-talk, those lies, as you’ve called them, the lies about your own inaptitude and that, “Who do you think you are?” And, “You’re not good at that,” and, “You have nothing of value.” Those lies get washed away, because it’s the source that’s speaking to you. The source is not going to lie, it’s not going to mislead you. In a sense, that’s also a confidence fix right there and then, wouldn’t you say so?
I would say do, yes. I loved the analogy that you used about the buds that there’s hidden gems within all of us that we don’t even know. What a shame it would be if that bud never opened.

I ask the same thing from my kids, reveal to them and to others what they’re good at, because so often we think we’re not good at very many things and we wouldn’t want those buds to stay dormant and never be revealed. That would be such a loss.
It’s so important to stay attuned to the movements of energy within that want to push those buds open.

We can’t block that and if we do, if we attempt to block that, then there are consequences that are difficult because life needs to find a way to bring us face to face with our gifts, regardless, so it’s going to find a way. Sometimes it does take something devastating and life-altering, like a divorce or a health crisis. I see it a lot in the people I work with on the journey of transformation because they get on the journey, as you said, out of desperation. Desperation is such a powerful place.



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