Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever demonstrates glorious alignment with her vision and mission. Even from an incredibly early age, her stunning approach to race, justice, and gender issues is an inspiration to all of us.

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever is a remarkable guest, whose mission I admire and love. She is a career reinvention strategist, diversity and inclusion solutionist, and race and gender empowerment expert. She is the author of the award winning book “How Exceptional Black Women Lead” as well as the founder and CEO of Exceptional Leadership Institute for Women, a global personal and professional development firm that helps established and aspiring entrepreneurs and executives experience accelerating success while building a holistic life they love.

From open-minded and curious little girl that provoked change in her church through years of watching and learning about racism as a person of color, Dr. Avis stays strong and passionate. Going through divorce and finding herself in an unfriendly working environment pushed her onto her entrepreneurial path.

She shares that her healing path is an evolutionary thing for her. She also emphasizes the importance of healing on the national level and points out that the United States never go through any kind of reconciliation process.

“We do not really teach a full and round, and brought the reality of our history in school systems and all of that creates sort of toxic environment where people fail to acknowledge realities that other people face who are not like them. That creates a very difficult barrier for people to push through. Until that cultural predisposition is ended, I do not understand how we will ever reach a place of healing in this nation, not only personally but nationally.”

Dr. Avis feels that a black woman’s fear of failing can potentially shut down opportunity windows for the next colored woman due to common generalization. This is the topic which Shonda Rhimes covers in her book “Year of Yes”. Faced with this obstacle, black women are fortunately still embracing the entrepreneurial journey. Dr. Avis’ mission is to convince them to trust that they have within them all that they need to excel where they are today and to bring confidence in their lives. As one of the women from her book stated:

“Confidence is not knowing that you have all the answers, it is not believing that you know everything. Confidence is trusting that you have the ability to figure it out!”

Dr. Avis’s superpower is Inspiration. “I was inspirational. It is just wonderful to be able to live a life where you know that you are living on your purpose on this Earth and you are able to create the life and lifestyle that you deserve and want for your family and for your legacy. I just think it is a beautiful experience and it starts with trusting in you.”

The Your Truth Selfie quiz indicated that perhaps she was undervaluing some of the things that she has done. Avis was amazed as she recently recognized success blocks in this area of her life. Reclamation of the value of our work is so tied into our reclamation of self-worth and refusing it to be dictated by the outside opinions or forces of any kind and undoing that internalized conditioning.

Realistic thinking is a huge success block for Dr. Avis. Her take on this topic blows me away!

“The word ‘realistic’ gives you an excuse to operate under your capabilities. It just gives you an easy out. You are the architect of your boundaries, and if you want to set it small by convincing yourself that something is not realistic, then you just created an invisible barrier that was not there until you put it there. ”

I just love all pearls of wisdom that she sprinkled all over this interview. Thank you Dr. Avis!

Dr. Jones-DeWeever has a giveaway for you too! She has created Carrier Vision and Action Guide that you can download. It is a tool to help you to really write out what your career goals are and plot a path to help you get there.

Lessons from this episode:

Be your through self (3:55)

Appreciate your gifts (26:30)

No plan B. Put you first (28:30)

Do not be afraid to invest in yourself (41:18)


Links and Resources:

Visit her website: www.avisjonesdeweever.com

Career Vision & Action Guide: www.exceptionalleadershipinstitute.com


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