How to live up to the biggest and best version of you

When she got cancer at 23, Sage learned that life was not a guarantee. She had traveled to nearly 20 countries as a kid. Her heart was set on service to humanity. What would you do if you knew might not have an indefinite amount of time to change the world?

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How did your journey begin?
I grew up in a really adventurous family who were really into making a difference in the world.
I didn’t realize how unique that was.
Being curious about the world was a family value.
That natural curiosity led me to want to engage with people in a deeper way.
Human beings were the only things that captured my interest for a prolonged period of time.
I have travelled to nearly 20 countries.
What was your most unusual cultural experience?
It was a whole other level of poverty.
It deepened my sense of gratitude and purpose.
And taught me so much around how you can find joy in simplicity.



I was 21.
It was profound for me. I expanded and grew monumentally.
Allowing me to learn in an experiential way around this thing called humanity.


Changing your path

How I got here in this moment, it was holding my second baby in my arms.
I started to approach the hour of going back to my work and I had this visceral response of “I really don’t want to go back.”
It scared the crap out of me.
I am sitting there going “why can’t I just be happy enough?”
What would be a way to use my gifts to be of service to a wider community in a different way?
I finished out that school year.
I stepped into this entrepreneurial, coaching, personal development, writing world.
It was absolutely what I was supposed to do.


Listening to your intuition

I hear it from a lot of women, this guilt “I have everything that one might want but I am not happy.” That is why they end up settling and not rocking the boat. What gave you that confidence to step up and that courage to do it?
I was 23.
I got an awesome first real job, making a difference.
I was psyched. I was idealistic. I was invincible. I was fired up.
I was sitting at my new desk one afternoon and I felt this little lump above my collar bone.
I ignored it for a little while.
It didn’t go away.
I was like “This really isn’t right.”
I listened to that little piece of intuition.
It was a whirlwind.
I was diagnosed with cancer. Hutchinson Lymphoma.
I had to have chemotherapy and radiation.
My life turned on its head.


Receiving love and being true to yourself

I learned many many lessons, including how to receive love and let people help me.
I really needed help. I needed support.
I remember my mom saying to me “Sage, let love in. Let people help you. They want to help you. It helps them to help you. Its generous to let them help you.”




The other really huge thing was I said “Life is not a guarantee.”


It was really different to look at it in the face and think I might not have an indefinite amount of time to change the world.
Since then I have lived with much more of an actual presence that life can be stolen from you at any moment.
I needed to live in a way that felt true to me.



Lessons from loss

How do you know when you are not fully in your center?
I lost my dad five and a half years ago.
It was traumatic for me.
He was an incredible role model for me.
There is a gap in my memory of fogginess around that time.
I can’t even get clear on what was happening.
I was floating a little bit.
I think that’s part of grief.
I wasn’t tethered to my center in that time.
It was five months from health to death.
I was flying across the country.
My dad had been in 11 countries the year before for work.
Then he all of a sudden was paralyzed, in a wheelchair from the chest down.
I know in that moment I couldn’t always find the grace or the internal knowing.
My intention is that we get better at snapping out of the old story that doesn’t serve us.



You get better at coming back to your joy, your purpose in the world, more quickly.


Receiving without guilt

How do you get back when you get disconnected?
I am a huge believer in that human connection is the most powerful resource we have.



I think it is human disconnection that causes us the most problems.
For me, I call people.
I have cultivated my support grew, my team, my posse.
You get to choose your crew.
I have these women in my life who can get me back to who I really am in the world.
I call the people who stand for me being the biggest, best version of myself.



It is a reciprocal thing. It’s this give and take.
You have to practice it in order to also receive it.


The power of yoga

I was so lucky that I started doing yoga right before I got cancer.
Just at the local gym, as a 22-year-old.
After I had cancer, I wanted to be in a helping place and closer to nature.
If I am stressed, I got to go to yoga.
Something about doing yoga in community, my brain settles down.
I reconnect with the parts I like about myself.


Teaching what you are learning

I know you’ve taken my quiz that is based on the chakra system. Would you mind sharing your results and if it resonated with you?
Mine was Inspiration. 
It’s about communication, truth, power, voice.
That’s also where my anxiety will come.
There will be a tightening, a restriction in that area.
It is interesting, one of the hardest poses for me is fish pose or bridge.
They are both these huge throat openers.
You should be teaching what you are also learning.


The balance between contentment and living on the edge

Back to cancer, I really got clear I want to enjoy this life.
I don’t want to always live so intensely on the edge that my fear is racking my nervous system.
I want to enjoy the contentment right on the edge.
Playing in that zone of always pushing, growing and expanding and finding grace.
Fear and excitement, they are a dance.
Does the fear stop you or can you walk with it?





Breaking through the barriers of stress

I often find that anticipation is where most stress lies.
The things that aren’t working in our lives also serve us in some way. There is a payoff.
That makes you seem like your life is important, being busy and stressed.
I have to examine stress for myself.
Where is it coming from? How much of it am I willing to tolerate? Is it a healthy stress?
There is some stress to writing a book, creating a live event, and being a mom to two kids.
How much stress is productive that keeps me engaged and what parts can I let go of?
So perfectionism and stress are going to always be my Achilles heel.
Where the room for growth is noticing when those things are stopping me or when they are serving me.


Our favorite tips from Sage

Listen to your intuition
Let love in, allow yourself to receive help and support from others
Find your people who would stand for you being the biggest, best version of yourself
Do yoga to relieve stress and reconnect with your true self
Balance contentment with living on the edge
Teach what you most need to learn


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