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If you’re ready to begin your journey from common unhappiness to uncommon happiness, I’ll be happy to support you. Here’s how you can join thousands of my students who use Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® to heal and transform their lives.

HTY® is a powerful, revolutionary self-healing method. I want everyone to be able to benefit from it! That’s why I’ve designed my offerings to fit any budget.
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I write and record videos about—you guessed it—transforming common unhappiness into uncommon happiness with the tools of yoga, psychology, and spirituality. Your questions and comments inspire my topics.

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“This helped me sit down and complete some important things hanging over my head and making me worry! I finished them all in less than 30 min!!!!! Weeks of procrastination, and it took listening to your explanation and how to over come the habit, to finally do the pressing things. Thank you. I feel so much lighter.” — Alli
Heart Talk Yoga
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From time to time, I make room in my schedule to offer individual consultations. A consultation includes a comprehensive assessment and a personalized Heart Talk Yoga self-healing plan.

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I offer weekend and week-long HTY immersions in the US and more exotic locations. I would love to meet you and practice Heart Talk Yoga together.

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Common Unhappiness Cure Online Course

Learn Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® in an e-course

See yourself transform common unhappiness into uncommon happiness in the great company of fellow journeyers, with me guiding, encouraging, and supporting you every step of the way.

Common Unhappiness Cure is a comprehensive e-course, based on my research on how transformation is created via online learning. It comprises 8 weeks of hands-on guidance through the 7 components of common unhappiness, where we deconstruct them one by one with the tools of yoga, psychology, and spiritual practice.

Heart Talk Yoga
“I highly recommend Dr. Baker’s course. If you want to finally understand how to calm your anxiety, worry and better your relationship with others and especially your true self/soul—take this course!” — Peter
Heart Talk Yoga
For a limited time, please enjoy The Happiness Formula mini course for FREE
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