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What’s wrong with you? – A Reclamation of Power

What's wrong with you? This is one of my favorite topics lately. I have a talk called “Reclaiming Your Truth: Breaking the Seven Spells that Keep You Settling for Less than Your Most Fulfilled, Happy, and Abundant Life.” There are seven of these spells. These are the...

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When your body says NO: Understanding health expressions

Let’s talk about getting sick when you are just getting going with your business. We’ve all had experiences when our body said “no.” Your body actually manifesting a health symptom, a health condition, a health expression that would keep you from facing an anxiety-provoking situation. Let’s talk about showing up in the world and then conquering these symptoms that are completely legitimate.

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Are you hiding your light?

It is common for women entrepreneurs, and women in general, to hide their light. What does this mean and why does it happen? It isn’t your fault, and I will explain why.

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Ready to bring your dream business to life?
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