It is common for women entrepreneurs, and women in general, to hide our light. What does this mean and why does it happen? It isn’t your fault. I’ll explain why.

I’m going to tell you a story of a woman who came to see me in therapy. She came to see me because her marriage was not working. It quickly became very obvious that her marriage was not the place or the situation that she needed to be in anymore. Her marriage was causing her to hide her light; she was hiding her talents from herself and everyone around her. She chose a partner who reaffirmed every day that she was not good enough. He gave her a reason to stay hidden.

The pain became so unbearable that it led to a leap of faith. She left the marriage, started her own business, and she is absolutely thriving now! She stayed hiding for far too long though. I’m going to explain to you why she did this, and it may not be why you think. First, I want you to think about something. How do you know that you are hiding? Is there a chance that you are hiding your light as well?

I see a lot of people in my practice who come to me with anxiety, depression, and addictions. My hidden agenda diagnosis is always the same; you’re hiding your light. I don’t always explain the diagnosis to them, especially not immediately. We go into their story. Then when the person is ready, I share their diagnosis with them. So, you’re getting a shortcut now. This is your diagnosis; you are hiding your light.

Whatever is going on in your life that’s not working, the reason for it is that you’re not fully living your destiny. You’re not fully showing up for your divine assignment. You’re not fully showing and sharing your light with the world. But why? Why are we hiding? Why am I hiding? Why are you hiding?

Everybody is hiding behind something and then life shows up to wake us up. Life wakes us up with anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship problems. You may be going through your life right now thinking, “Might any of these issues I’m dealing with right now, financial issues, health issues, be my life trying to wake me up to my fuller light?”

I encourage you to ponder that question. Ask yourself that question as you’re going to sleep, as you’re waking up, in your meditation, in your spiritual practice.

Is there more to my life? Is there more to who I am? Is there the bigger light that I need to reveal to the world?

Journal about it. The question itself is the journey that will reveal a lot to you. But why? Why oh why are we so prone to hiding and why does it take so much pain for us to snap out of it?

Let’s think about it. It wasn’t that long ago that powerful women were burned at the stake, right? Just a little bit of trauma history there. It has always been dangerous for women to be noticeable. If you don’t think it’s going on now, just look at the press. Look at the women who are in the spotlight. How are they talked about? How are they written about? There’s body shaming going on. There are all sorts of shaming going on. There’s a lot of criticism that’s going on. Most women have experienced some kind of unwanted attention; unwanted sexual attention, sexual trauma, or just unwanted attention leading to a violation of their boundaries. These boundaries can be emotional, physical, or sexual.

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I am opening up a big Pandora’s box here, so I encourage you to ask me questions or share your thoughts. But the question that I’m mostly interested in is whether or not you think there is more to you and to your life, whether or not you think that there is more of your light that needs to be revealed to the world. If you think you may be hiding, what are the signs in your life right now that this hiding might be going on? What are the signs that your life is trying to wake you up and help you to step up and show up fully? Please share with me. I want the world to see your light. I want the world to see your greatness. I want to help you make it safe to show up.
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So, stay tuned. I’ll be sharing some tips and tools for how to make the experience of showing up safe in your everyday life. But in the meantime, do tell me if you had nothing holding you back, how would you be showing up in the world? I’ll talk to you next week and until then, stay in your heart.

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