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Jeanna Gabellini experienced a petrifying situations of a threatening stalker and debt, which pushed her her to stand up and reclaim her freedom and power. Her inner journey took her from a place of fear to a greater freedom, power, authenticity, and flow. Now, Jeanna is a master business coach and author. She helps business owners double their fun and profits.

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Standing up to claim your power

How do you help your clients get in that flow?
I call it inner guidance.
If you are not tapped into that place, then you are being a crazy person.
You are literally being tossed and turned with the tide.
You are in a sandstorm underneath a big wave.
The first thing I teach in any class is how to be connected in, and tap into your heart.
Your heart is going to lead your head to the right and perfect strategies for you.
We got to loosen up a little bit.
Breath is huge.
Be present for a moment.
If I am needing energy or caught up in a shit storm in my head, I got to stand up.
Claim the power back.
I had this one year where I was super broke.
I would describe myself as “stuck” during that period.
I would get in this loop in my head, worry for hours in a day.
I couldn’t do my work because I was so worried about the money.
Finally I would stand up and go “NO! I am paying that damn credit card. Universe bring it!”
Literally shaking off the loop in my head.
It would work.
I would always be able to make the payment, but not until I claimed it for myself.


Changing the energy

When we change our posture the mindset shifts automatically. It is so easy to forget, especially if your work involves long hours in front of a computer, in a cubicle, or office, or in one position. Maybe the only thing we need to change is our body position in space. Just get up and get out.
I usually go outside.
I got to move the energy.
I feel the most connected when I am writing.
I have a journal. I use it everyday.
For me writing, actually moving that pen connects me.
As soon as I start writing, I get out of my head and focus in on my heart.
I don’t try to figure out what’s coming next.
I just flow right into that heart space.
My big trick is, name 10 things that I appreciate right now, or what’s working well?
Prayers at night, thank God for what’s working well.
It doesn’t have to be big stuff.
I am grateful for all of these little things.


The ease of authenticity

My biggest fear is not looking like I got it together.
One of the best breakthroughs ever was I went to a leadership program and it was all about your presence in front of a room.
The room voted what they saw in you.
My type was “eccentric, bold, unpredictable, intense, and quirky.”
They said your challenge is being more quirky.
I ditched my suit, I had on a t-shirt, I started playing money tunes.
I had the best sales.
And this was so much easier.





Law of Attraction

I would love to know how you came to this place.
I think I am the typical story of you teach what you most need to learn.
When I was 20, I went to a Personal Goals seminar.
They put on the board “To think is to create”
I was so in love with that saying.
In that same leadership program I met my now best friend.
She introduced me Abraham Hicks.
Law of Attraction became the thing I lived, breathed, wanted to teach, and loved.
I can’t be a victim anymore because now I actually have the power to change stuff.


From fear to fortune

Did you have difficult times where you thought “What have I gotten myself into”?
The worst time in my entire life came as a result of my personal life.
One of my challenges is relationships, and who I choose.
I chose a guy when I broke up he decided to stalk me.
I was getting death threats. He was stealing my stuff. It was sheer craziness.
My life became about escaping.
This went on for months.
By the time I took it seriously it was too late.
I was like “I am in big trouble, I don’t have money coming in.”
I started trying to figure it out, I was driving myself crazy.
My business partner kept on saying, “You are trying too hard, you are trying to force this.”
Finally I had a fight with the new boyfriend and he said, “This coaching thing is not working out.”
It was the greatest thing that ever happened.
He was telling me what he was seeing; spontaneous cry fits over the stress around money.
I committed to being different.
A month later, things started shifting.
All debt paid off, income tripled.
It was torture for over a year, but the results and what I learned were so massive.
Surrendering is the first step.
Not “I give up.” But “stop pushing, it is what it is.”





Reclaiming your power

Fear was taking my business.
I was so stressed out.
So disconnected from my power.
I had given it all to him, just handing it over on a silver platter.
As soon as I took back my power he stopped bothering me.
One time my mom called me and said, “There is a box here.”
There were things that he had stolen from me, like family photos.
He had returned them.
That was such confirmation.
Being in my power was giving me all these amazing gifts that would have never happen if I was still in fear.



Once I shift how I feel, everything else will unfold. Just surrender. Everything else will flow.
I have come to know now that anytime there is catastrophe, it ends up being such a great breakthrough on the other side.




I also noticed the shorter amount of reaction time.
Earlier this year I had something that I expected to go amazingly well in my business did not go amazingly well.
I was sobbing like you break up with someone you really love.
By the next day I was like “I know there is learning in this.”
It has shifted something that has been an issue for me.
Perspective is everything.
Change your perspective, change your life.



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