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Self-esteem and confidence issues? A radical consciousness shift will solve those once and for all. Check out this Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® practice. It brings together the know-how of Psychology, Yoga, and Spirituality that you can use for self-healing today.

Watch this video or, if you prefer, read the transcript. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know how orienting to the external has been affecting you. How have you / will you be shifting to internal orientation. Or comment on anything else this blog made you think about.

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My Dear Heart Talk Yogini,

This episode is called 99% of People Get This Wrong. I’m going to talk to you about Self-Esteem and Uncommon Happiness and share a Heart Talk Yoga practice to help with that.

Ok, I admit, the number in the title is bogus. A complete guestimation. But if I were to guestimate more precisely, I would say, 99.9% of the people in our culture get this wrong.

So, what is it exactly that we get wrong?

To find our way, to navigate our lives, we orient ourselves to the external, and not the internal. Consider this for a moment.

Do you ever watch a commercial, or a show, or leaf through a magazine, or browse through Facebook newsfeed and say to yourself: “I gotta have this … bag… nail color… body.” Or, “I wish I had this …” or “I’ll never have this…” How does this affect how you feel about yourself and your life?

It goes back to how our learning is organized. We’re taught to memorize, to repeat after, to be like. We’re not taught to know ourselves deeply and to evolve organically, according to our soul’s mission.

Here’s where this whole FOMO—fear of missing out condition comes from. As well as Compare and Despair. Mark Twain called comparison “the death of joy.” This condition plagues us in the West and underlies all our self-esteem and confidence issues that we seek therapy and life coaching for. A curious fact, when the Dalai Lama was asked a question about how to improve self-esteem, he did not understand the question. The interpreter spent a long time, explaining to His Holiness what “self-esteem” meant. This notion and this problem were foreign to him.

But all too familiar to us. I see this condition, orienting to the external rather than the internal, as one of the major ingredients of the bland chow of common unhappiness.

What to do about it?

Just like in our culture we’re taught, trained, and conditioned to listen to the external voices—our economy and, basically, our civilization rests on this condition—wisdom traditions from all cultures emphasize direct, experiential learning. Just like in the west, we have learning practices supporting this externally-oriented learning, such as memorization, multiple choice tests, etc., these wisdom traditions have learning practices cultivating the internal orientation—contemplative practices, practices involving and deepening the relationship between mind, body, spirit, self, and other, the planet, and the Divine.

I collect, adopt, and adapt this practices. I test them to see what works, and how it works, and then I select those that work best for us—for me, and for people who come to see me, suffering from common unhappiness. And I teach them these practices as part of my Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® method.

Today, I’d like to share with you a simple practice for shifting from the external to the internal orientation for finding your uncommon happiness.

Let’s begin by getting inside the body, from the feet up, like putting up a body suit.

Stomp you feet. Move your ankles. Bounce, feeling the engagement of your knees and hips. Sway your hips, flex your torso, rotate your shoulders, swing your arms. Move your head and feel your neck bend. Then, come to stillness.

Inhale through the crown of the head, exhale through your feet, into the earth. Feel yourself grounded, rooted, connected. As you inhale, say in your mind or out loud, “I.” As you exhale, say “AM.”

Feel the breath moving powerfully through the energy channel that runs from the crown of your head to the base of the spine, and down your legs. Feel yourself gathering your energy from be-ing dispersed into external orientations—comparisons, confusion, just running around stressed and frazzled. Feel this energy gather in your core. Experience an engagement of the core muscles. Continue taking deep breaths, feeling your breath move up and down this core energy highway, dissolving and clearing any obstacles on its path.

Then allow your breath to quiet down, tune into your core, and just feel. How do you feel? Be quiet. And then, drop this question right into the core of your being, like a coin into a wishing well: “What is my heart’s desire?” Listen to the answer. Not from your mind, but from the core of your being. From your inner guidance. From the wishing well of your wisdom.

It may come in the form of sensation, or images, or words. It may show up now, or later—in your dreams, through synchronistic evens, conversations, information that will be coming your way that will feel like an answer to your inquiry.

Receive. Enjoy. Establish a practice of inquiring within. Little by little, shift from the external, to the internal orientation for navigating life.

Let me know what answers you receive!

See you next week. Until then, listen to your heart.


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