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“I feel stuck.”
“I don’t know who I am anymore.”
“I resent going through the motions, day after day.”
“There must be more to life than this.”

Sound familiar?

If so, you may be suffering from common unhappiness.

Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga® can help.

You may be trying to dull the pain with a pint of ice-cream or a glass of Pinot (I did), piling your shopping cart full of shoes and outfits you don’t need (Oh yeah, baby!), numbing out with 10 hours of Netflix (Hear, hear!), or popping pills to calm down, go to sleep, or focus.
You might have tried therapy, but didn’t achieve the desired result (Check!).

It’s a little known fact that the goal of psychotherapy is not to make people happy. Sigmund Freud formulated it as follows, “to transform neurotic misery into common unhappiness.” Granted, “common unhappiness” is a far cry from “neurotic misery,” but who wants to settle for that?

Freud’s words have inspired my mission, to “transform common unhappiness into uncommon happiness.”

To accomplish it, I knew I needed to look beyond psychotherapy.

Heart Talk Yoga

I looked to spirituality. Many credit a spiritual path with getting them to a happy place. But oftentimes spiritual practice becomes a way to mask and bypass psychological issues that block a seeker’s progress toward peace and happiness.

Talk therapy has tools to remedy these issues, but it doesn’t reach deep enough. Because it doesn’t touch the very vehicle of your existence—the body. You see, the body is the repository of all your experiences, from your mother’s uterus to this morning’s commute. The mind forgets, represses, and distorts memories. The mind creates stories. The body never lies.

Heart Talk Yoga

There are many ways to access the wisdom of the body for healing and transformation.

Yoga has been my path. The collective know-how of Yoga, diverse Spiritual practices, and Psychology has equipped me for the journey that keeps revealing new facets of happiness — well beyond what I once thought was possible for me.

Combining the tools of Psychology, Spirituality, and Yoga gave birth to my self-healing method,
Heart Talk Yoga Heart Talk Yoga®.

I have taught this method to hundreds of people, and I’m humbled by the powerful results they have experienced. I hope you too will be able to benefit from it and transform your common unhappiness into uncommon happiness.

Heart Talk Yoga

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